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Nak March 10th, 2018 11:11 AM

Brake lights staying on
I have an 02 Boxster and my brake lights were out (all 3). I checked the fuse and it was fine, so I replaced the brake light switch under the brake pedal.

However, after replacing the brake pedal, still could not make the brake lights work when stepping on the brake pedal (while the car ignition is off). After starting the car, the brake lights come ON, and stay on. It seems the brake pedal does not seem to work or make any difference. But before replacing the switch, the brake lights will never come on, with or without the engine running.

All other electrical items are fully functional - except the brake lights. Any tips or helps is much appreciated.

Nak March 10th, 2018 03:56 PM

Huh... I think I just solved my own problem. :) :D
It seems that they sold me a wrong switch. I had noticed one of the
three part numbers listed on the switch did not match, and it does behave differently. So I cleaned the contact points on the old switch and plugged it back in just to give it a try, and the brake lights are working fine again!! Yeeeeaaaaa!!!

I guess I'll be taking the switch back for a refund.

P.S. The brake lights still do not work when depressing the pedal without turning on the ignition switch. I thought they should still work even without the key in the ignition switch. What do you guys see on your boxsters? Is this a normal behavior?

Nak March 12th, 2018 11:45 AM

Have not heard from any one, so trying again as this is a very simple question.

Do your brake lights come on when depressing the brake pedal while key is
not in the ignition? I think the answer is yes, but just want to confirm.

Can anyone please confirm? Thanks!

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