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JoshS December 31st, 2002 02:47 PM

Pics of the Cayenne Turbo @ AB
Thanks for the early preview, Peter!


jaime howell December 31st, 2002 03:19 PM

Re: Pics of the Cayenne Turbo @ AB
how did the overall feel of the cabin compare to an x5?? i hate to admit that i would rather have a h2, or god forbid the new rangerover...

JoshS December 31st, 2002 03:39 PM

definitely more plush... (long)
seats are extremely comfortable and the driving position is very good... Plenty of leg and shoulder room front and back and the trunk is much bigger than my X5. Overall, a great package but of course, at 95K+ it better be a good package. Fit and finish on that car is really good and the wood looks nice. Peter said it will be at the San Jose car show this weekend... There is really no comparison to the H2. I drove one a couple weeks back and was not impressed as I'm not the one to hit trails. The h2 interior is spartan at best and GM/plasticky. The new range rover is a different story... incredible car and up there with the Cayenne but of course not remotely as fast...

Ad Sach(AZ) December 31st, 2002 05:00 PM

Post my faves?
Can you post pictures ...87 and ...91 ?

I can only see the thumbnail from the provided link - and these two looked interesting

JoshS December 31st, 2002 05:34 PM

here you go... *NM*

RobynC December 31st, 2002 05:37 PM

What are those handles for on either side of the center console...
I certainly hope the driver wouldn't take their hands from the wheel to use the OS bar, if that's what it is.


Peter Smith December 31st, 2002 05:45 PM

Hang on.........
Those are to hang on to.
I drove the Cayenne this morning and it is fast..........

jaime howell January 1st, 2003 09:03 AM

Re: here you go...
is that a dent on the hood??

Tom M (Sunol, CA) January 1st, 2003 09:23 AM

Look like it's a ...
hole in the clouds to me

Tom M (Sunol, CA) January 1st, 2003 09:25 AM

This would have been a really good thread for
the Cayenne board! Gotta get it started somehow, don't we?

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