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Boxster Spice October 17th, 2001 04:47 PM

Dead horse.
Okay, for people who don't like seeing a dead horse getting beaten, move on to something else. Cuz I'm about to lay into one. ;-)

A while ago, I took umbrage with another boxster board for deleting my post. I was having an argument with someone who turns out to be a big honcho over there. I was later informed by several deputies at this board that the post was deleted for using the number 5, followed by the word "hit". Hint, the 5 represents an S.

Anyway, I retracted my objections and issued formal apologies to those involved both on this board and that one.

Today, I was back on this particular board reading the latest word from my Boxster brethren when I came across a post called "I'd rather drive a Hyundai than a Corvette". Since I share similar sentiments on that subject, I couldn't wait to read it. In this post, the word "sh" followed "*t" appears and the post remains undeleted.

I leave everyone to their own inferences. Maybe one form of vulgarity is more blatant than the other. It's your call. But I know several people on this board will find it at least a teeny bit interesting considering all the time that was spent insisting that the deputies over there are not trigger happy and self serving.

Some Babblers I have met, hung out with, and have respect for will probably disagree with that even before reading this.

The horse is dead. I'm moving on.

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