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LanceH April 13th, 2004 06:31 AM

Repeated catastrophic clutch failures
Wondered if anyone could help, or had heard of similar cases?

I purchased a new Boxster 2.7 in Jan 01. Eight months later, after 8000 miles the car had a catastrophic clutch failure. The clutch simple broke up in bits damaging the fly wheel. Porsche said they have never seen anything like it. This was kind of OK as it was still under warranty and I assumed it was a defective part. However at 16,000 miles, the clutch started making a squeaking noise when idling. Porsche replaced the clutch under warranty. 12 months, later at 34,000 miles the clutch failed catastrophically again. This was the final month of the warranty. 14 months later, at 49000 miles the clutch has just failed catastrophically again. Of course this time it is out side of the warranty, so I'm having a delicate conversation with Porsche about who's going to pay to fix and how to solve the underlying problem (as replacing the clutch simply doesn't wash any more).

Of course Porsche suggest the failure is caused either by driver/component abuse or an underlying problem with the car which they can't find (so discount). Trust me, its not driver/component abuse, so I'm looking to find out if anyone else has heard of similar problems or could offer any advice.

Personally I think there is some misalignment in the drive train which is causing a fatigue like failure of the clutch. (The friction surface is OK, but the central hub has collapsed in each case)

Any helpful thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


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