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robert wango September 30th, 2002 11:51 AM

engine warning light results
This is for current and future Boxster owners.
Date format = day/month/year
In my post of 04/09/02 I asked for help with a blinking engine warning light. There were four posted comments. The following is the history and results. Warranty expires 15/10/02 for my 99 Boxster.

My original post in part was:

My thoughts are to have a 4 year inspection prior to 15/10/02. On 02/09/02 I started the car in the garage and noticed the engine warning light on.
The engine ran "rough." Like on 5 cylinders or fuel starved. It corrected.
I drove 2 miles to the store. On 03-09-02 I again drove to the store and noticed the same illumination. Solid light. Engine ran OK. This morning the same illumination occurred when I drove to the DR's office. Engine ran OK.
After leaving the DR's office the engine warning light did not illuminate.
The car had been parked in full sun for 90 minutes.
Did the emission system finally warm up?

Tool Pants put me on the correct track. "First, get a read out of faults, then do scheduled service work."

I took the car to my Las Vegas, NV dealer. Ilana Vann of Gaudin JPLV was helpful. I requested a check of the engine warning light and an oil change.
I also asked if the car could get a four year service check. She said, "I can have Todd do a general inspection." Four days later (I told them not to
hurry - I do not need the car) I picked up the car on 14/09/02.

Todd found and repaired the following:

clogged carbon change over valve
inop sec air check valve
cracked oil fill tube
intermediate shaft seal leak
trans pan gasket leak
rear main seal leak
Because the A/T was removed I also received a front end alignment.
The total parts and labor amounted to $1901.46. This was covered by warranty.

What is worth noting is that I did not see any fluid leaks on my garage floor prior to taking the car to the dealer.

These items were caught by an excellent service mechanic, Todd.

I encourage anyone with a pending warranty expiration to have a general once over inspection prior to the expiration date.

An engine warning light revealed far more than one could see!

The acid test. I put the top down. I took the car for a test drive on loop 215.
Took it up to 85 MPH, took my hands off the wheel and gently touched the brake, no pull or shimmy. Engine sounded better - strong and smooth.
Had the Rolling Stones, "Let it Bleed" on modulation 18. "You can't always get what you want..."
Oh what a feeling.

I pulled off the freeway and coasted to a stop sign. She was driving a Q45. She was fifty and smiling. I had a big grin. I was not able to check for fluid leaks until the next morning. The car did not have any.

Best regards,


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