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Sean May 7th, 2002 09:39 PM

Boxster help with exhaust and air intake
Guys and Gals

I'm new to the board and also a new 986/boxster owner. I just purchased a 97 boxster this week after trading in my 951/944 turbo. What I'm looking for is some advice and opinions on which namebrand parts and part numbers I can use for getting more HP and torque out of the car.

To start out with I will not be racing the car besides a couple driver's ed events with PCA. My main goal is to improve 0-60 and 0-100 times. Also, the only mods I want to make at this time are the exhaust and/or headers and an air intake/induction system.

So I guess my question is what company gives me the best gains for the price?

1)Should I use a conical K&N set-up, just replace the filter, or is there some other air induction system out there?
2) Who makes the most productive headers and exhaust?
3) Should I change the headers and add a boxster s sports exhaust?

Please let me know stories, opinions, and anything else that may help. Also would bosh quad platniums work for plugs or should I keep the regular bosches in?

Thanks in advance


HP in SF May 8th, 2002 08:12 AM

Re: Boxster help with exhaust and air intake
There are various options out there regarding aftermarket intake/headers/exhaust for the boxster. The known manufacturers are S-Car-Go Racing, EVO, TTP, FVD - companies that have ads in Panorama and Excellence magazines.

As for who makes the best setup, no one really knows for sure. You may be able to solicit individual impressions of various setups, then draw the conclusion yourself. The general observation is that the factory headers are restrictive and you will definitely see gains from an intake, header and ECU upgrade.

I have an '01 S with S-Car-GO race headers, custom intake(using cone type filter), bigger throttle body and a reprogrammed ECU. You can search recent messages for my dyno chart.

S-Car-Go Racing

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