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Snaxster November 11th, 2006 11:16 AM

Adventures in Repairland - of sports cars and other cars
Here is an excerpt from a recent entry in my private journal. I thought it worth sharing here:

Thursday morning I finally got it together to bring in my Cayman S to have some defects fixed under warrantee. But I arrived late enough to miss all the nice loaner cars. Even the rental cars were scare. When the young woman arrived from the rental company, she was apologetic, walking me over to the large Cadillac that was to be my loaner car. I mentioned wishing there was something smaller, so she drove us to the rental lot, where a few smaller cars remained. I chose a white Dodge Neon. "Are you sure?" "Yes, please. I like small cars."

In two days of commuting with the Neon, I 1. had fun, 2. was a bit concerned that it always wanted to drift to the right, 3. was able to flow through traffic exactly as I do in my sports car (normalizing for the relative power of the two vehicles), 4. was impressed with how personal an experience driving it was. Indeed, re 4, my coworker jokingly referred to Neons as being basically "a shoe" with windows, or something. I was cracking up on the way to work this morning, remembering his comment.

Today I got lucky. The parts arrived for my car and the repairs were done such that I was able to leave work early and swap cars this evening. Though I didn't test the fix for the car window seal, I believe they did it. But they still didn't fix the tapping, rattling and general rowdiness in the hatch, which happens when the car goes over bumps. I checked the invoice and noted that my service rep had written "squeaking", not "tapping" or "rattling". So I'm sure they did a fine job preventing any squeaking, but I'll have to try again to have them fix the real problem.

Nonetheless, the romance of fine cars on a clear night was exhilarating: The simple, elegant dark blue Carrera Cabriolet being returned to a poised, intriguing middle-aged woman; an impeccable, modified, crayon blue first generation S4 whining menacingly off, reunited with its owner; my 987 C7S, lights glowing and liquid-like grey body glistening under cloak of darkness, gurgling patiently as I loaded it up with my nicknacks, then howling appreciatively as I thrust it into the fray of Friday evening rush hour traffic.

River Rat November 11th, 2006 06:33 PM

Nice. Thanks for sharing. I must say, however, that my experience with rush hour traffic on a Friday contains no thrusting. Well, except for the many ocassions when I'd like to thrust something where the sun doesn't shine on many a fellow driver.

Snaxster November 11th, 2006 07:13 PM

LOL! I hear you River Rat. :) Thanks for your kind words.

As for rush hour, well... opportunity is where you find it. Though my usual commute is a reverse commute, this trip back from the dealership reminded me of how most people are living; it's crazy. Years ago, I used to do it on motorcycles in the Bay Area, so it wasn't too bad. But on Friday in the car, I found it was the little things amid the insanity: The long on-ramp, looking for pockets of flow in the traffic mess, and the relative freedom of the last few miles, where most of the thrusting happened.

Stay cool out there. I know it isn't easy!

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