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boxster4forty February 3rd, 2006 11:37 AM

CE & Air Bag Warning Light Update
Hi All -

Finally made it to the dealership to have the lights cleared so I could pass smog and get my tags and this is what I learned....

CEL was more major than I anticipated; an air-mass sensor needed replacing and if it sounds like I am a bit vague it's because of the way it was explained by the dealer service person. Picture this, only me sitting in a room full of 911 owners getting their oil changed and a tall, somewhat experienced service writer comes out (in front of all) telling me my $400 estimate just jumped to over $2000 because of this 'sensor needing to be replaced because it is what is needed to regulate whether my car runs lean or rich'. Well, I understand the lean and rich part, but how did me and my beautiful birthday present get into this mess? No explanation to that point. Airbag warning thingy was even worse.

Long and short - replaced the air-mass sensor (?) and stopped there. Lo and behold, when I got the car back the airbag warning light had vanished as well. Was feeling really good about things at that point. Checkbook was a bit light; but after all that they found AND RETURNED my husband's favorite sunglasses from who knows where (in the engine area??)

Good experience overall - glad to have my baby running better than ever.

Incidentally, I used to have a hesitation at 5000r's - that is now gone as well. Guess it was running too lean or rich?

Don't know if any of this is helpful - but hoping so.

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