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Steve B January 9th, 2003 01:15 PM

Cayenne at San Jose Auto show
Haven't gone yet, but called AB to confirm that they have it at the show.

Tom S. January 9th, 2003 01:29 PM

I will be there tomorrow at the booth...
for the Palo Alto Concours between noon and 6 pm. Might have to stay longer if no replacement arrives Looking forward to seeing the pepper wagon. Corvette is featured marque for '03 and we have a classic 'vette in the booth. I have been sworn to not disparage the "epoxy boxcar"

Tom S.

Steve B January 9th, 2003 06:02 PM

It's a black Turbo
The photo gives you an idea of it's size. You won't be able to access the inside.


Kevin C. (Saratoga, CA) January 10th, 2003 10:08 AM

Steve, you look really small standing next to that station wagon.
I guess this thing is bigger than I thought!

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