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cja December 17th, 2005 11:37 PM

Retractable hardtop for 987, just not possible
Engine layouts and design make it a challenge to put in retractable hardtops. At least not for other cars like 911 or 987.

Because the engine is MR, I think there just is no space for a retractable hardtop like the SLK or the 2007 3 series coupe. The folding hardtop can't be stored anywhere... The increasing popularity of retractable hardtop is going to be a trend. It certainly increases safety but it is simply hard for me to fathom 987 ever installing hardtop. For that matter, Porsche's convertible will pretty much always be soft-top focused simply because of MR and RR design. There is just no way to put a hardtop in. I would wait for Porsche to rollout a roof that retracts to the front? Cool?

I wonder how Porsche would tackle this problem for 987 which has originally been designed to have no top. However, I suspect Porsche would not spend too much time on this as it had already sold off CTS to Magna and it would wanna focus on developments like Panamera and Cayman. Porsche is busy now with diversifying its line I think.

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