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Magic Mtn Dan July 30th, 2002 10:28 PM

The case of the Strange Boxster S Noise...
Every once in a while I had a funky, loud noise coming from the rear of the S. It happened infrequently but when it did it was surprising and loud. Problem was it didn't happen often enough to make locating it a simple thing. So, I made an appointment with the dealer and took it in.

I drove there (about 30 minutes away) and of course, no noise during the entire drive. I drove up and down the street and still no noise. So I took my car in and let them replace my gas cap (gas cap recall) and took the car home. Still no noise.

A couple days later Denise took my Mom (visiting from the east coast) out for a top-down drive. When they got back they both said, "your Porsche made a strange noise (two times)." Of course it did - it wasn't at the dealer's.

So I called the dealer up again and said I'm bringing it in and I'm going to leave it with you until you find and fix this thing. On Day One the Service Writer called me to ask about the noise (where it was coming from and what it sounded like, etc.). He said he'd put his best mechanic on it. I still wasn't optimistic.

At the end of Day Two (today) I got a voice mail from the Service Writer. They found the problem and fixed it. Before I tell you what was wrong, I'll ask you a question (to make this interactive): What, on my car, would you guess that I rarely use? (clues: Boxster, SoCal, sunny days...)

Did you guess or did you give up? Well, I never thought of it but that's why I'm not a professional mechanic. The noise was coming from my air conditioner. Seems it had a faulty "Expansion Valve" and "Reciever Dryer" both of which were replaced free under warranty (along with a few O-rings). End of noise; end of problem!

I hardly ever use my A/C. But as you know, when you use it and stop the car, the A/C is on next time you start it up. So the few times I used it, it would typically happen until I turned the A/C off (which usually happens when I realize it's still on since I drive most of the time with the top down and no A/C or fan running).

Another thing to add to the list of simple automotive problems that seem to be vexing. I'll stick to driving and leave the wrenching to the professionals (except for basic maintenance).

Two thumbs up to The Auto Gallery in Woodland Hills. John Eshelman has taken good care of me and I appreciate his genuine interest in providing good customer service.


Chatter Box July 31st, 2002 01:18 PM

What did it sound like?
Occassionally, when I turn my car off, I hear a high pitched squeal/hum. It sounds almost like a leaf blower but less airy. Okay, that is the best I can do to describe it.

Anyway, it drives me nuts but hardly ever happens. In fact, to this day only Andrew and Jamey have witnessed it. The rest of the world thinks I'm nuts.

JoshS July 31st, 2002 01:28 PM

I get that too...
sounds exactly like the auxilary fan cooling down the engine bay in my wife's X5...

Magic Mtn Dan July 31st, 2002 02:22 PM

It's a high-pitched noise that almost sounds like...
feedback or distortion that could come from a stereo. The noise is a single tone and it only occurred when the car was running. When and if you hear it you'll know.

Catalog Guy July 31st, 2002 06:48 PM

ROW nuts? *NM*

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