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Admin April 28th, 2005 10:51 AM

Boxster Failure Survey
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Due to a significant amount of interest, LorenS from PPBB has created a "Boxster Failure Survey Form" for everyone to download. Instructions are on the form. He will be using the collected data to create a Statistical Failure Analysis for Boxsters. This effort will take him 3-4 months (weekends)depending upon the number or respondents.

Loren wants to hear from everyone, whether or not you have had a failure. The collected data will be used to compile a database for present, previous, and future Porsche Boxster owners; and only pertaining to engine/transmission failures.

He will be correlating this data into a computer analysis matrix, looking for patterns, and attempting to create a statistically accurate “Boxster Failure Prediction Formula” for all of our use. All collected data will be made public upon completion of my work. The level of accuracy depends on the amount of responses and my finding correlation and patterns within the data.

Loren has no motives for this endeavor other that wanting some hard data on this long, ongoing discussion issue. Loren is not employed by PCNA, and has no association with anything related to the auto industry. Please get everyone you know who has had a Boxster to fill out a form.

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