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Brian July 14th, 2009 01:56 PM

Glass rear window top for 99 Boxster
As I approach 100K miles my plastic rear window needs replacing and I'm interested in an aftermarket top with a glass rear window. I've read a lengthy thread over at renntech and found that the early window seal reliability issues have been worked out, but I was wondering if anyone has any comment regarding placing the top in the service position - is this an really an issue with these tops? I got a $2300 quote from Premier Auto Tops for a new GAHH top (http://www.gahh.com/store.php?cPath=27_57_341_3004) with the improved bonding system and acoustic cloth, including installation. This seems a bit high since the top itself costs just under $1000 (with shipping) and installation takes about a half a day. Has any one had this done cheaper? They also quoted $900 for removing the top and replacing the plastic rear window, which also seems high.

Thanks for any advice or comments!

racegirl July 14th, 2009 05:54 PM

Disclaimer: I am just a happy customer of Mountain View Auto Interiors.

I had brand new GAHH with glass rear window and Porsche factory defroster installed by Mountain View Auto Interiors. http://www.mountainviewautointeriors.com/

Bob is super skillful and the top looks better than the original! He only charged me ~$1700 including GAHH/Porsche parts and his labor. Carlsen Porsche recommended Bob. If you are curious about how my new top looks like, come to the July 18th AX at Alameda and check mine out.

BoxsterBob - San Carlos July 14th, 2009 06:57 PM

If I had the spare cash, I would look for a salvaged top from an '03. You have to get the entire frame, but it is plug & play and looks better than the smaller after market window IMHO. I had my plastic window replaced in 2004, and now have a new crack/failure. :(

Here is a write up from PPBB.com


cb3234 July 21st, 2009 10:31 PM

When I had my 02 Boxster, I had the plastic window replace as it was getting old and it was falling apart at the threads.. cost $650 in the east bay (Walnut Creek - Armands). Looked great afterwards, plus these guys really shined up the car which was a surprise. Remember the glass windows are smaller than the plastic. A Diablo member told me that when putting the top down to throw in a non-scratching towel. I was doing that until I needed tires so I bought an 09. hehe!

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