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Docdanracy December 19th, 2003 09:35 PM

Boxsters on the Track with GGR
Just as a small reminder to all Boxster Pilots.
Next season there will be some major and minor changes for the Boxster classes in GGR TT and AX.
First and foremost is the fact that next year you will be able to drive your Boxster on the Track in TT or DE or HSDS with GGR and as long as your car is prepared to the Improved classes either Ti for Normal or Ni for "S", you will not have to install a Brey-Krause roll bar extension. You will have to run with the soft top up or a hard top installed. But you won't need a BK!!! The other requirements will be a fire extinguisher, and 5 or 6 point belts for both seats.(for TT only)
Second of all the wheel charts have been updated and the allowable tire sizes have been upgraded.
245s will be allowed on the front of Normal Boxsters as well as "S"s.
We are hoping that the increased user friendliness of our rules will get more Boxster owners to come out and try our series.
Many of us within the club foresee the Boxster as the next club racer like the 914s and 944 Turbos of past years. The Boxster is a very track friendly car and is by far the most balanced and controlled on the track and at the AX sites. Several totally stock Boxsters placed very high in our PAX competition last season in AX.
GGR has the best and most experienced instructors in Northern California. No other track organization has as many folks that are expert in Porsches as we do...period! :) No brag, just the facts mam.
Hope to see some of you new racers at the track in our upcoming season.
GGR competition director

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