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RonLeavitt June 23rd, 2005 11:51 AM

Keyless Entry (and dumb question #2)
The range of my keyless remote has been getting progressively worse until today when it took getting right up to the side window to unlock the car.

Yes, it's time to replace the batteries. Before I bilthly pop a new set of batteries into the remote, I thought I'd ask if this would create a problem.

I have visions of replacing the batteries, having the code reset in the remote, not being able to unlock my Boxster, having to get a ride back home for my 2nd set of keys, etc.

Is it really as easy as changing the batteries, or is there some hidden Porsche-esque gotcha lurking?

(unrelated dumb question #2)
I had my boxster beep at me when locking up on a trip to Napa. I checked all the obvious things (center console and the front and rear hood) and could see no reason for a beep. It's deeply troubling having your car beep at you. You know she's not happy about something, but have no idea how to make things right!

Later I noticed the oil level was low and topped it up. The beep has gone away. Does the Boxster beep when the oil level is low or is this just coincidental?

2000 S 23,000 mi and loving it :D

Dr. Zoom June 23rd, 2005 12:29 PM

Replacing the battery is straighforward with no hidden tricks. Just get the correct one (CR2032?) and replace it by popping open the key head.

Sometimes, even when the center console seems like it's closed, my car will beep. If I open and close the console the beep goes away. Go figure. And no, the car doesn't beep when the oil is a bit low.

RonLeavitt June 23rd, 2005 04:51 PM

dumb question (and battery replacement)
Keyless entry battery replacement was a snap, literally.

As for the beep, I've read through the keyless entry chapter of the owner's manual. It mentions beeping on locking indicating a door, hood, or compartment is not closed. I'm getting a beep when I unlock the car or stop and put the top up with the engine running, then open a door.

Thought I'd see what fellow owners know about this before contacting the dealer.


RonLeavitt June 23rd, 2005 05:22 PM

A beep when you unlock the car means that the car's alarm has gone off since the alarm was last activated.

In my case I know the alarm has not gone off, so there's some problem with a sensor = in for service next week.


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