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Looking to buy a Boxster

I selling my 86 Vette after 12 years and I am interested in getting into a more refined sports car like the Boxster. I don't want to spend a fortune since my kids are in college and I will only use the car on weekends. I like what I have read thus far and I wanted to get input from experienced owners. I'm looking for a 2000, 2001 or 2002 with 50-80K miles. Here are my questions:

-are there any know mechanical issues (i.e re-calls, TSB's)that I should look for
- are they expensive to maintain considering I will only drive it 3-5K miles/year
-any years I should avoid
-can I do some maintenance on my own (i.e oil change,)
-Is the standard model fast or shold I buy an "s" type, (my Vette would pin me in my seat if I punched it)

I am open to any buying advise you may have.

Thanks for your help.

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