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Originally Posted by davezaristo
why only PCA sponsored event?
Hi Dave,

I see Dan already answered for me.

I'm a newbie as well. First porsche, a boxster S for about 4 months, 9k miles. I had a similar discussion earlier on this forum, and Dan said the exact same thing. It makes perfect sense to me. Even if I get an instructor who doesn't drive a boxster, at least he'll understand Porsches.

In my case, I really want to push the car and myself, but at the same time, am in no real hurry. Everyone knows/understands the up side - per my understanding the downside is:
  1. No insurance (I checked with my agent) - although you can buy insurance at the track.
  2. Brake wear.
  3. Tire wear.
Personally, I'm thinking of a few options - time will tell which ones happen, and in which order.
  1. Save enough money so that maintenance is not an "ouch".
  2. Attend PDE (Porsche Driving Experience). Not that cheap, but it's a known, finite expense.
  3. Attend BMW school. Cheaper than PDE, though not sure if the experience will come close to PDE.
Slightly off-topic, I visited Laguna Seca today for the LeManns final. First time at the track (notice "at", not "on" ). Interesting experience - the cars are FAST and LOUD (I found it interesting how much slower the cars seemed from the top of the grandstand vs. the bottom). I watched about an hour +. I enjoyed it, though personally, I almost prefer watching on TV so you're not tied down to one spot. There was an accident around turn 10, and #7 (a Porsche) spun out at turn 11 while trying to take the lead - though sitting in the grandstands, couldn't see the accident (I understand no one got hurt), and missed the actual spinout. Did see the #7 straighten out and get going again.

Would love to get some experience and drive on that track.
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