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Hurley was in a 911, not a 911 Turbo

0-60 times are more influenced by weight than drag.
Above 60mph, acceleration is more influenced by drag than weight.

The Cayenne Turbo has a decent power to weight ratio but an even better power to drag ratio. The 911 is better suited to low speed acceleration than high speed acceleration because it's power to weight ratio is better than it's power to drag ratio.

The critical stats would be 60 - 130mph time and not 0-60. How many times do cars come to a stop on a road course? The Cayenne Turbo almost definitely would pull away from a 911 between the corners. Not by a bunch, but by some.

I do guess that you are right and that if Hurley was driving this 911 the way he drove at Le Mans or Daytona, then he could have gotten by. But I do believe the Cayenne Turbo is a worthy opponent of the 911 on a road course as indicated if by nothing else, its performance on the North Loop which was closer to the GT3 lap time than the Boxster S's.
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