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Mobil1 15/50W - One More Time !

Sorry to do this one more time folks....
My 2001 Boxster has 53K Mi on it and it's for sale.
It occasionally smokes a little oil very briefly and has a very brief lifters rattle on cold start after sitting for days or weeks.
The original owner broke it in with 15/50W oil in warmer climate up to 30K Mi when I brought it to cooler climate and changed to 10/40W Mobil 1 Synthetic.
Now that I'm selling it I want to go back to the owners manual recommended 15/50W Mobil 1 to hopefully give a new owner a quieter cold starting experience with less frequency of blue smoke puff if left for extended periods.
(It's really difficult to explain to a buyer that occasional blue puff and lifter rattle is normal on cold starts after extended non-use)
Anyone have any comments on this stupid re-hashed issue ?
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