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Originally Posted by Docdanracy View Post
need information on size spacers folks are using with 7 & 8.5 x17s or 7.5 & 9 x 18s?
what works and where did you get them?
What works depends on the offsets of your wheels, as I'm sure you know

For my 18s (on my 986), I run the Porsche OE '05 Boxster S lightweights (987 wheels) with offsets et57 front and et43 rear. I'm using 15mm front and 5 mm rear H&R spacers, and they work just fine, and look really great--nice aggressive stance.

Got mine on special from Wheel Enhancement, but there are lots of sources for cheap H&R's. Just need to make sure you also get the appropriate replacement bolt lengths for your chosen spacer width as well.

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