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Problem with window

I have some problems with my driver side window. When you open the door, usually the window goes down a little bit (2-3 mm). Since this morning my driver side window does not go down when I pull the door handle (interior or exterior) but I can still raise and lower the window (using the window control button). When I pull the door handle, I can hear the "microswitch' click, then I hear the motor that kind of try to lower the window, but nothing move...

The problem is that the window "scrub" against the top frame when I open or close the door (actually it is kind of difficult to open/close now). I can deal with it by lowering the window (using my car key when I'm outside or the controll button when I'm inside) when I open the door but it is ennoying...

Any idea what is the problem?

How do you get access to the motor/sprokets that drive the window?

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