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Magic Mtn Dan
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I know you're a great driver but here's why you need to get out on a track!

If you haven't driven your Boxster on a track, you simply can't know what your Porsche (or you) can do. I know there's all kinds of excuses for not driving it on the track but they just that, excuses.

Tracking your car is NOT abusive to your car. Tracking your car IS safer than driving on the street (you don't have to worry about cars and trucks going the other way, pedestrians, stoplights, crap in the road, etc., etc. All you've got is other drivers who are really paying attention, going the same direction as you - well, 99% of the time they are (wink)" WIDTH=15 HEIGHT=1
but you don't know how good you are until you get to push yourself and your car a little bit. Once you get to what you think your and/or your car's limits are then you enter what I call "the pucker-zone." That's when you see how much more you're willing to go - yourself and your car.

Trust me when I tell you, you'll hit the pucker-zone sooner than your car will. The Boxster you're driving can do WAY more than you can. I know that for a fact because one of the great benefits of going to a DE (Driver's Ed) at a track is that you get to ride in instructors' cars. Once you ride in a Boxster or Boxster S (and the other cars too) and see what they can do in the capable hands of an experienced driver, you'll realize just how far away you are from the limits of your beloved Boxster.

Do yourself and your car and your driving skills a favor - get out on the track sooner rather than later.

It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

PS: TracQuest ( has a great DE coming up next month at Buttonwillow in Bakersfield area - it's on a Sat/Sun and you can still sign up!
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