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Todd Serota (L.A.)
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Re: Your First Track Event

Hi David:

It's up to you, of course, but here's a really good reason to come to Buttonwillow, aside from partying with your fellow BABBLERS. I have (TracQuest has, but that's me!) an event at Sears Point in December. While I wouldn't recommend NOT doing your first event at Sears Point, I agree 110% with what Trygve said in comparing the two. Buttonwillow and Thunderhill are two of the best tracks in the country for first timers because there's lots of runoff with very little to hit, if you do get a bit overzealous. If you come to Buttonwillow for your first event, you'll be ready to go to Sears Point with some experience under your belt. You may be able to get out to Thunderhill before Sears, but it doesn't sound like there's anything definite.

Also, WHO you run your first event with matters. There are many people renting out tracks and running "track days," and they do a great job, but many of them have very little or no instruction, and thus are really only for experienced drivers. TracQuest is geared for people like you, who have never been on a track before. I've got what I think is the best group of instructors anywhere, mainly because I personally select the best instructors from all of the clubs - POC, PCA, BMWCCA, SCCA, QCUSA, etc. I'm able to do that because I'm not limited to one marque as many clubs are. Whether your first event is with TracQuest or someone else, just make sure there is ample instruction, and that it's high quality.

I hope to see you at Buttonwillow. If you have any more questions, let me know.

Todd Serota
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