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Tap Plastics sells the magnetic sheet that you can cut into any shape you like. They also sell different colors of vinyl sheeting to make the actual numbers from.
What I did was found a font I liked and blew it up to be ~12" high and 8.5" wide and used that as a stencil and traced the number onto the vinyl. Cut it out and then apply it to your mag sheet.
Easy do it yourself project and very inexpensive. I have done this on several occasions over the years. Works just fine, and if you take your time they look pretty professional.
What ever font you use make sure to use it in bold format. You want the stroke of the font to be at least 1.5-2" wide for easy viewing for a distance.
When you are on track this is the only way we (track officials) have of identifying you and your car.
Blue painters tape on a dark blue or black car looks great from 5 feet away, from 50" it looks like graffiti.

Make sure what ever color vinyl you use for the numbers is very contrasting with the white background of the mag sheet.

Door numbers should be at least 10-12" high with 1.5-2 inch stroke, 8" wide.
Hood and rear numbers can be a bit smaller ( especially on the back).
Check the clubs you plan on running with. Some only require door numbers some require all four sides of car and some only require doors and hood.
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