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Arrow Porsche 356-001 video

Video by Michael Banovsky
Michael had the amazing opportunity to ride along in Porsche Number One at Willow Springs raceway.
(Recorded with a Flip Video Ultra)
[ame=""]Riding in Porsche Number One - YouTube[/ame]

I did post this picture of Joerg Bergmeister on a previous thread
....just in case some of you did not get to see it.
Joerg Bergmeister with the legendary (and very first) Porsche, Nr. 001.

With permission to post picture by Joerg Bergmeister himself - November 22, 2008.

Joerg Bergmeister, Porsche Works Driver & Flying Lizards Motorsport Champion racing star with the famous Porsche 356-001 at Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond, California - November 2008

Joerg attended the November 2008 LA Auto Show
and had some more fun bombing around the streets of Willow Springs road course in Rosamond, California. Not only did he pose in the famous #001 - 356 Porsche, he went riding in Hurley Haywood's 914/6with!!
Here is a video of Joerg driving Willow Springs:
Video by Michael Banovsky
[ame=""]Riding in Hurley Haywood's 914/6with Joerg Bergmeister driving! - YouTube[/ame]

Hurley Haywood - Hall Of Fame

Willow Springs Raceway History
1997 Porsche Boxster "Pastel Yellow"
1995 Porsche 911 993 "Iris Blue Metallic"

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