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Smile The Outlaw White Walker Porsche 356B Is A Perfect Mix Of Old-School And New

Not everyone gets a car right on their first attempt. Making a new machine that’s a culmination of thousands of parts all working in harmony takes time, constant tinkering and a times a few failed attempts till the formula is finally right. For Porsche though, the story was quite different. The Porsche 356, Ferdinand Porsche’s first attempt at bringing a car with his own name to the market was brought to life in the humble beginnings at Gmünd, Austria. It took no time for the 356 to become a hit between enthusiasts in Europe and United States within a couple of years of its release in 1948. Within 3 years from the time when the very first Porsche 356 to hit the roads, the race spec version – PORSCHE 356 SL picked up a class win at the 1951 Le Mans in instantly immortalising the legend of the classic. The engineer’s dream was realised.

The success of the Porsche 356 at Le Mans in 51′ established Porsche’s identity to the world. It was the machine that, while started as a VW, had grown out to become a name of its own. There’s absolutely no reason to dislike the Porsche 356. It is the bedrock on which not only Porsche, but anyone who wanted to make a lightweight, simple and reliable sports car has based their formulas around. The near perfect formula would be hard to perfect, and if someone thought of tinkering around,

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