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Originally Posted by The Voxster View Post
Porsche does not make 997 turbo wheels in 18"--only 19"--so these are definitely aftermarket copies. In fact, they look like the copies of the 997 turbos from Italy that have been selling on eBay for a long time, now.

The Porsche OE 997 turbo 19" wheels are forged and very light (and outrageously expensive as a result), while these 18"s are cast and fairly heavy. That means you'll be adding unsprung weight to your car, which, depending on your goals, may be an issue for you if you're looking to extract maximum performance from lightness out of your available HP.

That said, these wheels will fit your car with the specs/offsets given, though I'd probably run 5mm spacers in the rear if it were me. You may also need to tie back your e-brake cable to prevent the tires from rubbing them on the rear, as these are 10" rears instead of the OE 9" specification. Also, depending on whether (or how much) your car has been lowered, you may run into fender well rubbing in the rear with that wide a tire, which might mean you need to have the fenders rolled to prevent a possible disaster out in the twisties. If your car isn't lowered, these will probably fit without rubbing.

From a quality standpoint, these wheels may well be fine, but especially for a high-performance sports car, I personally would probably pass on them and look for a better known/higher-quality brand. Not saying these are unsafe or inadequate, but something to consider very seriously, since your life may quite literally depend on it.
I asked the guy and he says about 25lbs each is that heavy? ( )
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