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This post is in response to questions on other forums.

Q. Why are we going in June?
A. A date had to be picked that missed the monsoons, accommodated families, and events out in the world. So first week of June was the best gap to beat the major crowds and the major heat.

Q. It going to be too hot right?
A. We looked at what average temperatures were for the available dates and going in first of June we will be High 70's low 80's on average -

Q. What is the deadline?
A. February 1st 2015 is the deadline to register for group rates on hotel. This deadline is from the hotels as they need to know if we are really coming or not. After February 1 the deadline to register is March 15th 2015 so things can be mailed out.

Q. What if I miss the group hotel rate deadline?
A. You will be on your own to book a room either at the hotel we are all at or a alternate hotel. It is worth noting that over the winter most of the hotels close as these are seasonal sights so it will take some time to book as well as cost more.

Q. Are the times listed from driving like a hooligan or other?
A. The time listed is the average from google maps and map quest. We use known times so we can factor in stops and anything else we want to do. There will be some drivers sections but we don't leave anyone behind so just drive and enjoy.

Q. Has anyone signed up?
A. Yes, as of this post there are 4 of us paid and ready to go.

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