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ROW M030 First Impressions Update

Yesterday, Saturday 08/07/2010 the PCA RR and the 912 Registry had a combined AX at the Santa Rosa Airport with perfect AX cool weather for the day. I had my first opportunity to try my Boxster with the ROW suspension. My first run was a disaster as I got over eager, with cold tires and an unfamiliar course and went off course and did several 180's before I got the car under control, which seemed like forever. I adjusted tire pressure for my second time out and backed off the accelerator and came in with a time I had expected to start with. My next three laps I was able to shave over a second off my starting time as tires were hot and pressures were stabilized. In the afternoon I took the first two runs to get tires warmed up again and kept my times where I had ended up in the first session then my fourth run I shaved another full second off my time and registered my best clean time of the day (they also stopped putting cones in my way). Before the ROW my best time had always been 7-8 seconds slower than the fastest time and this time my best was 5 seconds slower. The driver with the best time is a consistent winner at our AX's, one of the best driver's I've seen so far and has a stripped down 912 fully set up for AX. So I have to say at this point all things combined, new car feel, better ride, better handling and better AX time I'm very happy with the ROW and have no problem recommending it as an upgrade. Next is a DE day at Laguna Seca so I'll post a review of it then.
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