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Everyone has their favorite groups for one reason or another...
A PCA sponsored event will be Porsche centric with folks in attendance that know your car and the performance you can expect from it and be able to get from it as you learn your car and track driving.
Instructors will be available that are proficient in teaching you the correct driving lines as well as being proficient in your cars capabilities.
I wouldn't want a guy that is driving a Honda Civic or Ford Focus or Corvette teaching me how my car should handle when they have never driven or instructed in a Porsche before (let alone a Boxster)....what the heck do they know about Porsches?
I am sure that other groups are just fine in their own way....I am just biased with PCA events.
Learn your car with GGR-PCA (Zone 7 PCA) events first, then when you have the basics and are comfortable....go with other clubs.


And my biggest gripe/suggestion......go to several safe and sane autocrosses first to learn the handling capabilities of your car and then graduate to the big track.

Spinning in a parking lot at 50MPH with nothing to hit other than some orange traffic cones is much different than spinning at Laguna Seca at 100+mph and hitting 8,000 pounds of "K" wall

The big track is not the place to learn your car's handling capabilities..

Rant over.
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