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Originally Posted by clemsonc View Post
my boxster purchase was having the "Spec Boxster" in mind.
But don't know when will I start the project....

Only thinking about the color scheme for the spec boxster now ...
and having just a Boxster for spec racing

and I also like is the color schemes!

I was thinking the same about my color. I would add stripes, paint the wheels, not sure of what color though?
Does anyone know when the next "Boxster Spec Race" would be here in Northern California? Laguna Seca for one? I want to go.

I like this license plate.
Watkins Glen NASCAR garage, 12 May 2007 by badbadM.

The local Boxster gang at Laguna Seca in August and there were a few of these spec cars.

911 vs. Boxster
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