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Muffler Bypass

I'm trying to find a muffler bypass for my 2000 Boxsera. It's having breathing issues. Well, more to the point, it takes it air quite well, but it doesn't poop it out so well.

The 996 motor moves a lot more air, and I have the intake side working well. I'd like to find or if I must, make a muffler bypass which is switchable. On the street, I want to remain as I have it with the flow going through the stock muffler. When I go to the track or autocross, I want to hit a button, probably the open one below the TC one, and have the bypass rumble to life. It should be after the cats since I have headers and don't cherish the the CEL coming on.

Does anyone know of a system like this? I've looked around and seen them for 996 and 997 cars.

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