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Originally Posted by Docdanracy View Post
high speed handling and low speed handling are two completely different animals.
In low speed cornering Boxsters (and 996s, 997s) tend to push (understeer) at lower speeds. As speeds increase this is mitigated somewhat but not completely.
I do not know what exactly Pedro's brace is supposed to do or how it attaches to the car so I can't comment on it's affect on your situation.
Also without knowing what your alignment specs are, I don't know why your car would get tail happy...while cornering unless you are experiencing drop throttle oversteer or upsetting the balance of the car mid corner by applying brakes or throttle.
You may have some toe out causing this.
Here's a link Doc
I get off the brakes after the break point and accelerate through the turn and out and it did just recently start occurring. I'll get my alignment specs tomorrow when I go to Tillman's to discuss getting my car ready for the season. I'll also talk to them about sponsorship so did the date for the AX you were looking for sponsorship get finalized?
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