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this is just my personal opinion, but I have never liked the Michelins...don't like the feel. They always seem to take a set and then mid corner take a second set...maybe it is just my driving style...anyway.
I have a new set of the Dunny Direzzas on my 914 and they really stick for a street tire....I really like them.
I think your Michelins may be on the downhill slope in the stick department.
Also since you bought the Michelins used, you never really know how many heat cycles they had on them or how old they really are or how they had been stored before you got them...

With your new suspension stuff, I would expect with a new set of DOT Rs you should be at a ~1:47.
Years ago when we had just built BillPs spec Box and took it to Laguna for it's maiden voyage we had all the suspension set at the mid settings and we were doing 1:46s right out of the box with two on board and lots left to adjust.
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