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Originally Posted by offshore View Post
Has anyone done the HID Xenon head light bulb replacement on their Boxster? I'm not talking about the really expensive Litronics from Porsche but just the bulbs with transformer built in. Are they effective i.e. any better than stock head lamps? Does the blue cast create any issues? Are they really as easy to change out as the seller's claim?
I have them on my car. Can't recall who I bought them from, but it was one of the online vendors (not via ebay) -- I can try looking for the seller details if you need me to. I got the lower wattage (35W) 5000K bulb -- did not want to risk damaging the headlight innards with a hotter bulb/higher wattage, and I know that the amount of "usable light" starts diminishing beyond 5000k (more blue, less white - but some seem to like that look). Indeed, most "factory" hids are at 4300K or so.

IIRC, there are 2 ways to 'install' the hid kit. One involves drilling a small hole in the plastic headlamp cover. The kits supposedly come with everything you need to do this (excluding the drill, of course), but I did not go this route so I can't say. There is another 'compact ballast' kit, which can fit inside the headlamp unit (but it is a snug fit). The changeout is really simple, lighting is great (I have factory HIDs on my other car, and the kit light is comparable), and (what I really like) is that the process is completely reversible should I change my mind (so long as I keep the original H7s around).

If we meet at any of the bay area drives/events (I'm back in a week), I'll be happy to show you the lights.
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