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Scott Fisher (Redwood Shores)
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Tech Tip on cleaning wheels

I have noticed over the past two years the inside of my wheels were turning yellow and staining...and after balancing my wheels I had rubber residue from tire weights remaining. Very non-esthetic for a garage Queen! P21s cleaner would not remove the stain no matter how much elbow grease I put into it. So I decided to remove my wheels today to check brake pads and rotors for upcoming track sessions. While the wheels were off I thought maybe a stronger cleaner would work. I took a piece of Never Dull and rubbed. This stuff worked incredibly well. The stain and road grime that looked like it would never come off, wiped away with very little effort. I then finished cleaning with soapy water, dried the wheels and placed a coat of P21s wax on the inside and outside of wheel. They look awesome....just like new! The only concern I had was did I remove a clear coat layer with the Never Dull. The surface did not appear to be altered or damaged, and I figure the wax will provide good protection. What do you guys think....besides I had too much time on my hands today Are my wheels hollow spoke because of the grooves or are they normal?

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