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My first actual experience as a customer for service

as plain old customer, will be on Friday at AB.

I checked the service records from when I bought the car and the last time it was at a dealer was 5/21/98.

Dave and I were there at lunch time today and I asked the lady and Jason if they could get me in tomorrow, and they could. In the old days it was a 6 week or longer wait. I have a bad oxygen sensor which I think is covered by the emissions warranty which may expire on Sunday if it is for 5 years.

I have received 3 recall notices for the ignition switch going back to '99. The air bag light has been on for a year, except for the times Peter has turned it off, as he did with the check engine light which goes on and off. I always thought I would wait to take it in when there was something more important to do, like a blown motor.

I am missing the valet key. I bought one in '99, but never had it turned on. Jason sent my VIN to Porsche so that Peter or Chris will have the key learning codes for Friday.

For the latest air bag fix the seats are removed and new ground wires are put in. I have seen Peter do this on another car last year. So, I wrote a message and stuck it under each seat. I was able to specify Peter or Chris for working on my car. If I could just help, but Dennis does not want me in the service bays like I was able to do in the old days.

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