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Brian Harrington (SJ,CA)
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Claridge's Service Experience

So, after a disappointing experience with Anderson-Behel's service dispatcher, I spoke with Claridge in Fremont. The service dispatcher there was MUCH cooler and got me in within almost a week (versus two months at A-B).

I spoke with Kimo Sanchez (the service rep) and Rick the Porsche Service Manager. My problems are relatively minor but they were cool about it. I'm having it in for: 1) engine idle is rough, 2) litronics not aimed properly, 3) brake squeal, 4) problems with passenger side glass, 5) program doors to lock at 5mph.

They've offered to cover all this under warranty, even though #5 is definitely not a warranty item, and some of these problems are only an issue for the really really picky enthusiast like myself.

They also agreed to not wash it, per my request. While my "loaner" is a crappy Chevy Cavalier from Enterprise, at least its a loaner, which is better than a lot of places in the Bay Area.

Theoretically, my car will be done this afternoon and if I pick it up and at least two of my 5 points are addressed and my car hasn't been machine washed I'll be pretty damned happy

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