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Brian Harrington (SJ,CA)
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Part 2, Summary and Recommendation

I picked up the Boxster this morning whilst enjoying Claridge's free donuts and coffee. Per my request the car was unwashed and brought out promptly.

While waiting, I ran into Tom "Deerslayer" Morris who was bringing his Boxster in for service.

Rick the Porsche Service Manager spent a substantial amount of time with me going over everything they did or didn't do and just sort of chatting. He also showed me how to access my rear window from underneath and behind. Good tip.

Rick was clearly uncomfortable with me leaving in my unwashed Boxster and assured me it would be hand washed without a high pressure sprayer using wool mitts and artificial chamois dried. So, I let him do it. Why not?

Rick also said he'd work with us on V1 stuff, and that he can do fabrications and would help us with experiments and DIY projects to ensure that everything was in-warranty etc etc.

Bottom line: I am very very pleased with the service at Claridge's and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. I will definitely make my next appointment there.

The level of personal service, the loaner car, the no-charge stuff, the amount of time with Rick, all adds up to a big wow factor. Very very impressive.
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