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Some interesting events occurred over the years on March 27th...

LONDON, March 20 (Reuters) - Following are some of the major events to have occurred on March 27 since 1900:

1941 - Prince Paul, regent of Yugoslavia, was deposed in a coup d'etat after reaching a pact with Adolf Hitler. His nephew, Peter II, ruled for a few weeks until Axis troops invaded.

1945 - Nazi Germany launched its last V2 rocket at Britain from The Hague in the Netherlands.

1964 - A United Nations peace force was formally established in Cyprus.

1968 - Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet hero after he became the first man in space in 1961, was killed in a plane crash near Moscow.

1977 - In the world's worst aircraft disaster, two Boeing 747s, owned by KLM and Pan-Am, collided and burst into flames on the runway at Tenerife in the Canary Islands; of a total of 644 on board the two planes, 583 died.

1980 - The Alexander Kielland, a floating platform for off-duty oil workers, capsized in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, killing 147.

1981 - The Soviet Union issued a statement attacking the Polish trade union Solidarity as counter-revolutionary.

1989 - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leading a new wave of militancy in Iran's 10-year-old Islamic revolution, prompted the resignation of his moderate successor-designate, Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.

1994 - The Eurofighter, a four-nation project to develop a high-tech fighter jet for Europe's defence, made a successful maiden flight.

1995 - South African President Nelson Mandela personally fired his estranged wife Winnie, an outspoken critic of his national untiy government, from her position as deputy minister.

1995 - Maurizio Gucci, former chairman of the Gucci luxury leather goods and fashion dynasty, was shot dead outside his office in Milan.

1996 - An Israeli court jailed Yigal Amir for life for assassinating Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995.

1998 - Ferdinand Porsche, founder of German sportscar maker Porsche and one of the designers of the Volkswagen Beetle under Adolf Hitler's rule, died.

2000 - Vladimir Putin was declared winner of the Russian presidential election, with over 52 percent of the vote.

2000 - Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda quit politics, stepping down as head of the UNIP party.

Some interesting & relevant links: tiger1.htm %3Den%26ie%3DISO-8859-1%26oe%3DISO-8859-1%26sa%3DG

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