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When we did the first runs on BillP's spec box the week after we finished the build, all suspension was set at mid settings. With two of us on board I was doing 1:46s...I can safely say I could get the car into the 1:42-43s now with the proper adjustments.
Chased a Norcal hotshoe spec Miata around for a few laps and then pushed him so hard he went off between 9 and 10.....I mean way off Spec Boxsters are a ton of fun...If I were to ever build another track car it would be a BoxS with all the Spec Box suspension and a little bit of weight loss...that would be fun.
Also drove a completely stock CaymanS with Sport Chrono plus a couple years ago at Laguna...Sub 1:50s. Amazing what the push of a couple of buttons on the dash and 300hp can do.
With your 250 HP and a bit more weight, I would think that your goals are doable.
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