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Other than the hassles I've had with the selling dealer over some things, I do like the CS a lot. It's a practical Porsche for this point in time that I can drive all year long and I get decent mileage for a car this big. It also rides quite nicely. The only thing that would have been nice would have been the tow hitch and/or roof rails but I can get by without them.

I'm hoping it's going to warm up enough today that I can actually get out there and wash and wax it

I've got some of the issues that everybody seems to have like acceleration lag off the line - which isn't really an issue in a daily commute but can be annoying as it just sits there for a moment when you put your foot into it. Needless to say, handling is much better than our Highlander.

My fingers are crossed that I never encounter the scored cylinders that the earlier generation of V8's did although there have been some reports on the latest version as well. Running into that without an aftermarket warranty or CPO can be pretty much a total loss on the vehicle in some cases. I guess one could call it the Cayenne's IMS bearing.
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