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Bill Dally
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Finally got it open.

I finally got the front trunk on my Boxster open. Here are the details for anyone else who has this problem.

First, what didn't work:

No amount of time with the horn beeping with the jumper cables from the post in the fuse box to the door latch would bring the voltage up enough for the alarm unit to recognize the key in either the door handle or the ignition.

I also was never able to find the pull cable in the right front wheel well.

What did work was pulling up the battery voltage via the cigarette lighter. My battery maintainer (750mA) wasn't able to provide enough current to do this, so I brought out a large (1kW) lab power supply, set the voltage to 12V and slowly started turning the current up. At about 2.5A the voltage jumped from about 3V to 7V and at this point the car was able to recognize the key in the door to turn the alarm off. At that point I put the jumper on the fuse box post and was able to open the hood. It took about 5min once I tried the lab power supply.
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