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Originally Posted by BoxsterBob - San Carlos View Post
Lot's of folks have the OEM hardtop and I don't think you'll find many complaints.

I know a poster over on PPBB, BruinBro that has the Zeintec and last I saw, he liked it. It is a far more complicated process and involves removing the rear trunk lid and possibly even the top canvas and frame (don't quote me, that may have been done for weight reduction)

In my opinion, if you're gonna spend all the money, time and effort for a Zeintec to make your car look like a Cayman, why not just buy a Cayman?
Well, I'm not shelling out the $5 grand for the Zeintec so I may be talking through my hat ... but its a great looking top. By buying the Zeintec you get the looks and solid roof of the Cayman all Winter and can have your rag top back in the Summer. Best of both worlds?
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