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FWIW, I've always been a HUGE fan of the Zeintop and, like you, I've always been hugely unimpressed by the OE hardtops.

IF I were ever to get a hard top, it would be the Zeintop for sure. Fit and finish is reputed to be excellent from the small number of people I've talked to that have them (in spite of what some of the complainers about "the lines" and "the body gaps" say--and there are plenty of complainers about the Zeintop haha)

That said, Zeintec does have some "WTF...?"-type and/or outright STUPID products that sorta throw a shadow of questionability on a top-dollar/quality product like the Zeintop.

Not sure why they would resort to something so idiotic as the Zeinvent, but I DO like the Zeinwing product as well. Not sure any of this opinion-chucking I'm doing is helpful at all, but you're not alone out there. I find that second picture from the top place in the UK truly frightening as well.
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