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Question Defective Battery?

I almost turn this into a follow up to a thread I posted on 9-6-06 regarding "Parasitic drain test", but I figure this problem warrants a new thread if guys can bear w/ me

After I determined that the horn was the culprit for the continuous drain of battery charge ( this problem lasted about 1 year) I unpluged the fuse, and went to Vegas w/ no draining or starting problem what so ever on 9-15

I just work on the horn actuator on the steering wheel this weekend after reading several threads/instructors from this site and By the way, great instructions and pic. I now realized that both of the horns are bad and the horn actuator is no longer engaged constantly.

So, here is a newly developed problem (w/o boring you guys to death), I am having problem starting engine again. However; the following is what I found out in the past several hours.

-After jump starting the car. while in idle, the battery was being read at 13.6~14.6 v (which means that alternator is charging)
-After I came home, I immediately checked the battery again, this time 12.6 w/o engine running.
-1 hr later, again I measured the voltage, it was at 12.4, then I got in the car and tried to start it. The engine tried to turn over but failed. I then checked the voltage again, this time 11.5 v.
-I just rememberd that I had a little problem a week ago, when I stalled on a street trying to go from a stop. Then I couldn't start the engine anymore. I had to wait for a while and it started. Luckily, no one was around.

Here are my questions

1. Could trying to start engine cause voltage to drop from 12.4 to just 11.5?
2. I used to 2 voltimeter to read the battery, both yielded the same result, could it be the battery that is giving a false reading.
3. After one year of continous charging and complete discharging, can battery just crap out like that?

Any help or comment is greatly appreciated!!!!
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