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Originally Posted by dsulu
Here are my questions

1. Could trying to start engine cause voltage to drop from 12.4 to just 11.5?
2. I used to 2 voltimeter to read the battery, both yielded the same result, could it be the battery that is giving a false reading.
3. After one year of continous charging and complete discharging, can battery just crap out like that?

Any help or comment is greatly appreciated!!!!
The battery voltage will drop when trying to start the car as that's when the most amperage is needed.

How old is the battery? If it's 4 or more years then it's probably due to be replaced due to the circumstances it has had to endure.

Unlike marine batteries, standard batteries are not up to the task of being fully discharged and then charged up again on an ongoing basis. If the battery was being fully drained repeatedly then the life expectancy will be considerably shortened.
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