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Rick Jiloty
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Open Track Event - NOV 16

this appeared in my email - since I'm not sure of the distribution - I'll post it here for those interested in Track Events - I know also there's a Hunpin event coming December (3?).
Subj: [PCA GGR] Thunderhill open track day
> Date: 9/10/01 3:52:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time
> From: [email protected] (Greg Stowe)
> Reply-to: [email protected]
> To: [email protected]
> Are you an experienced track driver or track junkie?
> Are you tired of being limited to four 20 minute run sessions in a day?
> Does a full day of virtually unlimited track time sound appealing?
> Well, we have reserved Thunderhill Raceway in Willows California
> ( for just such a day on Friday November 16,
> 2001. This will be a full day of open lapping. We are looking to limit
> attendance to only 40 cars total (multiple drivers per car are OK). This
> will result in a lot of open track and tons of track time for
> everyone. And
> hey, by November the temperature should even be tolerable at Thunderhill.
> This event will be run in the spirit of most open track events (such as
> Shelby club, Green Flag, NASA HPDE, etc.) with a focus on fun and safety.
> As usual - This is not a race!
> Primary recruitment for this event will be the bay area Porsche community
> and BMW community.
> Event Details:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----------
> ---
> Friday November 16, 2001
> Thunderhill Park, Willows Ca.
> $165.00 for the initial car & driver
> $ 80.00 for an additional driver
> Price includes everything you need for a fun safe track day (control,
> flaggers, ambulance, tow, etc.) and none of the stuff you don't need.
> To reserve a spot, contact Jeff Stowe as soon as possible at:
> 408-887-1008 or [email protected]
> Once reserved, a registration pack will be sent out to you.
> This event is for experienced drivers only. You don't have to be
> fast, just
> experienced. There will be no organized provision for
> instructors to assist
> novice drivers. Drivers should have at least three or so track days or
> drivers schools under their belt and be comfortable driving at speed on a
> race track.
> The Saturday and Sunday following this event also offer open track events
> for you hardcore track junkies. On Saturday November 17, Thunderhill will
> be running one of its High Performance Street Schools, which is
> essentially
> an open track event, and on Sunday November 18, Team Yahoo will be running
> its annual open track event.
> I apologize for the cross posting and to those who are geographically
> excluded.
> jeff or
> Greg Stowe
> [email protected]
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