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my non-bsr thoughts

Like Dan said, the BSR runs much stiffer springs so our "stock PSS9" setups may not like BSR setups.

OK, since the PSS9's use higher numbers for softer, I'll number the sway bar holes that way: Hole 1 is towards the center of the bar (stiff), Hole N is at the end of the bar (soft).

PSS9's: I have been running at #2 on them for a long time (not quite stiffest setting).

Rear TRG bar: It has just 2 holes. Ran the first bar at 2 (full soft and safe). Eventually it broke, and I noticed how badly it understeered with no bar at all, hole infinity...figured since I can feel it, I should experiment. So on the replacement I tried 1 (full stiff and twitchy rear) and liked it. So I have gotten used to a little oversteer. Oh, that bar eventually broke, too.

(new) Rear Tarett bar: 4 holes. It's at 3 now which I probably chose because of wet weather last event, to err on the soft side on the rear of the car. I should maybe go to 2 now.

Front TRG bar: Holes 1-5. It's on 4 now, but has bolt marks showing I had it at 3 before. Not sure when I changed it, or if Tony C did it during recent suspension work. Car felt fine last event, so I'll leave it there for now.

I will definitely need to either soften the front or loosen rear more for the next trip to Buttonwillow, because understeer on the slow corners 2 thru 5 there is maddening!
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