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Any comfortable seats for Boxster? ...

I bought my S with the Sport Design pkg that has the sports seats. I love them very much, the looks, the fit, everything ...

Problem is... my wife. Ever since I got the car, she's been complaining that the seats are very "uncomfortable"... Well, she doesn't know if they are regular seats or sports seats, all she cares is that the seats in my Box is killing her back... We have another daily drive (Volvo S40), and she drives that everyday, so she rarely sits in my Boxster... Yesterday, I picked her up at work in the Box, and when we got home, again, she told me how she hates the seats in the car, I think it's really hurting her back. I mean she loves the car, just not the ride in those seats... As much as I love driving the car alone... hehehe... I also want her to enjoy it too when she's with me... Otherwise, when we go out together, we always have to drive the Volvo. Don't get me wrong, I love the volvo too...

Are there any options that I can go for if I decide to take out the Sports seats? I noticed that some standard seats that have "full leather" looks very comfortable. What can I do?

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